Fort Lauderdale Air Show 2022

Fort Lauderdale Air Show is a part of the Air Dot Show Live Tour, which takes place across world-class destinations in the US annually between late April and early November. Fort Lauderdale, FL, kicks off the tour at the oceanfront on April 30th and May1st, 2022. The fans of air displays can observe the impressive Thunderbirds, A-10 Thunderbolt II, and SOCOM Para-Commandos online, while others can behold the action from several excellent vantage points on site.

What to Expect at This Year’s Air Show

The Air Force Thunderbirds Will Headline The 2022 Fort Lauderdale Air Show Featuring The A-10 Thunderbolt II, Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey Plus The Navy F-35c Lightning II and F-18 Super Hornet Demo Teams!

How Do I Buy Tickets for This Year’s Show

Tickets for the Air Show can be purchased directly on the Fort Lauderdale Air Show Web Site at

Where to view Fort Lauderdale Air Show

The most budget location is the Drop Zone Beach at $25. At this price, you get restrooms, professional narration, music, and decent views of the aircraft performances. More classy alternatives to watch Fort Lauderdale Air Show on the sand include the Flight Line Club for $159 and private Sand Boxes for $199. For the best and most unobstructed views up close to the roaring jets, choose the rooftop balcony on the 10th floor of the Pelican Grand Beach Resort. You’ll have to pay $399 for such a VIP Penthouse spot.

Tips on attending Air Dot Shows

Go to the Fort Lauderdale Air Show’s official website in the External Resources below to buy tickets and find the latest updates and all details. If you’re interested in other tour destinations, go to the Air Dot Show’s official website, where you can also sign up for free and get access to future livestream broadcasts. Also, consider booking your stay in advance—the map showcases the best accommodations nearby.

Can’t Make the Show This Year?

Stream the show live at

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